GSPlayeR is a hacked version of GreenSoftware GSPlayer by Roy(RT).

List of changes and hacks:

  • 16/07/2008:
    • Add File Info menu function 
    • support ID3v2
    • update MAD library to 0.15.1b 
    • backported gspmp4 and gspwma plugin to PPC 2003
    • update Ogg Vorbis Tremor decoder to svn version
    • Unbalanced random based on configuratable probability slope
  • 24/02/2007: 
    • Use Mersenne Twister MT19937 Pseudo Random Number Generator instead of standard one.
    • Optional Fast loading of playlist (not checking file is valid or not)
    • Add Unicode playlist(M3U8) support
    • Add Simple enqueue/dequeue/clear queue function
    • Add "Stop after current" function
    • Add display track number(playlist position) in playlist
    • Show time in playlist (benefit for RealVGA users ;-) )
    • Fix Playlist and Skin with Unicode filename
    • Compiled for Intel® XScale Processor

Work in Progress:

  • backporting changes from v2.26 to v2.29a

To Do:

  • Search in playlist
  • Improve Playlist loading and saving speed
    • looks like the playlist saving speed has already optimized. no further optimization I can do.

Known issues:

  • Items cannot be enqueued if item is in the queue


  • Using GreenSoftware GSPlayer 2.25 codebase.
  • Modifications focused on PocketPC 2002/2003 version.


  • Original version is licensed in GNU GPL 2.0.
  • All ports/backports are licensed with same license of original sources.
  • My own modifications are licensed in Public Domain.