First of all, I'm sorry that I can't update my site these months before because I'm very busy last few months but I have time now.(20040701)
#UPDATE#: I'm busy and I may not have time to update now as the course started.(20040913)

The Main site in GeoCities Hong Kong will be closed shortly as Yahoo! Hong Kong is closing old services. R.I.P. GeoCities. (20090225) 

I mirrored the whole site to Google Page and redesign the layout using Google Page Creator. You can visit it here. ;-) (20070412)

Long time not updating here. I got a part-time computer technician in this summer and I added Partition Magic 8.0(Traditional Chinese Edition) and GHOST 8.2 boot disk to here for convenience. (20050818)

I have a blog for my Chinese Dairy! Please visit my blog!
English Dairy here will be updated weekly or maybe monthly.(20050411)

I receive some parts for updating my old computer. It's possible to view Animes flawlessly!(20050210)

Ukagaka DDT,DDP,DAT,DAP/DFT,DTP/DGP,DGT file decoder were done. The inline assembler code is a customised pseudo random number generator from delphi 2's one and I was converted it totally.(20041202)

The C++ source of Ukagaka DDT,DDP,DAT,DAP/DFT,DTP/DGP,DGT file decoder was found and I'm tring to rewrite them into VB6. DF* part and DG* part were done but unfortunately the progress was held by a inline assembler code.(20041120)

This my first time of encountering the Unicode ed2k link issue but I've a solution! I enhanced GatherEd2k from my friend to convert all "escaped" unicode string to the normal ANSI string. Get it here! (20041024)

HDD free space panic! My eMule Plus's temp/incoming drive was full and I wasn't able to move the files out there! And I will try using cygwin+webmin to do so.(20041012)

Mid-Autumn festival. I stayed with my F5 friends almost all-night. It's unforgettable! (20040928)

#Synthesized#:These weeks was too busy that I can't update this site. I'm sorry.
But I had update my ACM(Anime, Comic and J-POP Music) List totally.
The English United DOS Forum was closed due to the temporary closure of hosting server.
The VB6 approach of Saori dll was unsuccessful. I was defeated. |||orz
The SATA controller was updated to Sli 3114A by the staff of the agency of the SATA controller and the problem is gone! Great!(20040913~20040927)

Induction day of my department. Time-Table was out too. (20040909)

My SATA drive seem wroking strange.......Should I backup the data inside it and then exchange a new SATA drive?(20040905)

Induction day of IVE TY. So crowed. And a upcoming induction day of my department...Oh my GOD!(20040903)

I'm writing a Saori DLL in VB6 for ukagaka but it's not successful. Saori tester crashes with a exception code 0xc0000096. What's wrong?(20040827~20040831)

Creating Standard DLL in VB6? of couse you can! see here for details.(20040827)

Lots of albums was released in Japan yesterday and now my BitComet was download them........oh~~that's too much!!(20040826)

My Pocket PC was updated to PocketPC 2002 Chinese version successfully! Yeah!(20040825)

The SATA controller problem seemed solved by replacing 1.0.50 driver with driver.(20040823)

I bought a 400W power supply(And also a 17 inch CMV LCD Monitor) and my #2 computer can be startup finally. But the SATA controller seem working strange.(20040822)

I went to the Computer Expo 2004. There's crowed! I bought a Kingston 256MB SD Card for my Pocket PC.(20040821)

I'd bought a second-hand Pocket PC(Toshiba E-740).(20040820)

My certificate exam result was out. 1C4D1E total 12 points. But It's not possbile for me to study Form 6. At last I submitted the course selection form of IVE.(20040812)

News: Aya encrypted dictionary(*.AYC) decoder was born. My mainboard's problem still exists. Something wrong with the power supply?(20040809)

Mainboard was returned but the system was not stable! The re-newed SATA controller RAID card works strange! What's wrong?(20040807)

News: Misaka encrypted dictionary decoder(*.__1) and Satori encrypted dictionary decoder(*.SAT) were born too. Who interested in these can e-mail me for details. I used about 8 hours in writing the Satori encrypted dictionary decoder but I just use 1 hour in writing the rest. Because Satori's decrypting method was hard to be done by VB6.(20040806)

News: Kawari encrypted dictionary decoder was born. I use this tool to crack ukagaka ghost: mayura's time bomb. Who interested in this can e-mail me for details.(20040805)

Bad sectors were found my harddisks in my old computer because the PCI clock is too high. Fixing all harddisks, recovering all valuable data, re-installing win2000 server and other program which wasted about 24 hours. I can sleep until the win2k server and sp4 was installed. What a pity!(20040731)

My old computer must underclock and back to 600MHz because the southbridge is too hot @PCI clock 38MHz and cause IDE controller errors. But there's a good news is that the mainboard of my new computer can be returned to me in first week of August.(20040730)

I did it! Capturing TV-Sized song from avi files without re-encoding! People capture songs from avi files to wave and re-encode to mp3, which cause quality loss. I will write a tutorial for capturing TV-Sized song from avi files without re-encoding by using VirtualDub soon.(20040728)

The Traditional Chinese version of Share(Provisional name) language file was finished. People can download from here.(20040725)

The NewDOS forum Command Prompt was proofed that it is not compactible with mozilla. Anyone willing to help us and familiar with mozilla's javascript please contact me for details.(20040704)

My old computer was overclocked to 678MHz(113MHz * 6) because the animation with B-frame can't play smoothly. KUSO~
China DOS forum's index page, Forum command prompt, and chatroom were fixed by me.(20040722)

China DOS forum was updated to DVBBS 7.0 sp2 and the attachment uploading problem should be solved.(20040720)

After checking the database of China DOS forum, there're some strange thread numbers: 76, 2554, 3368, 3891, 5528, 6490, 6976, 9255, and 10989 which has illegal characters. They cause the forum working strangely and they will be deleted or copied as a new thread.([email protected]_1720)
My Mainboard had been in the agency for 2 weeks but the maintenance was not finished. My old computer was overclocked to 660MHz and all things are running smoothly. China DOS forum was encountered an unexecpted database error and temporary closed for the maintenance.(20040719)

My mainboard was dead due to a unexpected power failure. Fu*k you CLP Power Hong Kong Limited! Beside this, I must use my old computer to manage all my things and I let Ukagaka stay in my old computer. (20040707)